Childcare Sufficiency Assessment for Cheshire East

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment for Cheshire East

In 2022, Place Group supported Cheshire East Council with the delivery of research for a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA).

Firstly, the CSA reported on how Cheshire East Council will continue to help secure enough childcare places, as far as is reasonably practicable, for local children to access the early education entitlements and support local parents who are working, studying, or training for employment.

Read the Cheshire East CSA summary and action plan >

Furthermore, the 2022 CSA process outlined strategic priorities aligned with the 26 School Planning Areas (SPA) in the local authority area. Please click on an SPA below to read priorities for that locality.

Additionally, the CSA summary and Planning Area summaries report how new housing developments are influencing the sufficiency of early education and childcare provision. In 2023, Cheshire East Council is finalising a policy for collecting developer contributions towards early years education and childcare infrastructure.

Congleton Central
Congleton East
Congleton West
Crewe North
Crewe South
Holmes Chapel
Knutsford Rural
Knutsford Village
Macclesfield North
Macclesfield Rural
Macclesfield South
Nantwich Town
Nantwich Rural South
Nantwich Rural North
Poynton Village
Rural North East
Scholars Green & Woodcock’s Well
Wilmslow North
Wilmslow South

For more information about childcare sufficiency in the Cheshire East locality, and how the 2022 Assessment is informing strategy, please contact:
Cheshire East Council, Early Years and Childcare

For support with your Childcare Sufficiency Assessment, simply email our friendly team.