Public Sector Tendering

Place Group’s sister company, Schools’ Buying Club, is on a mission to help schools and MATs save as much money as possible when procuring vital services, so that there is more to spend on precious resources for the classroom. It has 18 years’ worth of experience in the state education sector, helping schools streamline their services and become more efficient and compliant.

Single School Tender Service

Don’t have enough time? Worried about compliance? Or not sure where to start with outsourcing? We can run the entire process for you; from specification to evaluation and contract award, saving you time and money.

Multi-Academy Trust Tender Service

Need to review the procurement strategy across your group of schools? Need to consolidate individual school contracts within a centralised Trust contract? Our experience can help you rationalise common functions and deliver central contracts saving hundreds of thousands.

School Cluster Tender Service

If your Local Authority catering or ICT service is closing, or your Service Level Agreement is not providing value or quality, we can procure new services for your localised cluster to collaborate on, saving money whilst achieving a tailored service.

Procurement Back Office Service

Want to have a dedicated team of experts to advise on, and deliver your procurement strategy? We provide MATs and Local Authorities with a back-office procurement function. You simply outsource all your customer’s procurement requirements to us, and we’ll work in partnership to deliver them.

It couldn’t be simpler! Contact Schools’ Buying Club today to find out more about our services

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