MAT Growth and Efficiency

TCaF Applications

The Trust Capacity Fund will continue to support MAT growth and development. We can produce TCaF applications for eligible MATs.

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MAT and SAT Development

Place Group can offer support in MAT and SAT Development plans and in conducting reviews of your schools’ and trust’s performance

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TCaF Applications

Place Group supported clients and Trusts with successful Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) applications in 2019 and 2020. A TCaF 2021 round has been announced by DfE and details can be viewed here. The focus for TCaF 2021 is funding to help strong Trusts take on underperforming schools.

There are two types of funding this year:
1. £50,000 – £310,000 for Trusts that will take on at least one additional inadequate or requires improvement school from specific areas of need (see guidance)
2. £50,000 – £100,000 for all other Trust capacity building projects

Examples of activities which Trusts can seek TCaF funding include:

  • Establishing new central systems and processes such as ICT, finance and HR
  • Training and continuing professional development for staff
  • New staffing within the central Trust team
  • Relocation costs for moving staff to new regions
  • Specialist advice such as ICT, finance or HR advice to build permanent capacity for growth

There are two more remaining application windows for TCaF 2021:
Application window 2: 26th June 2021 – 30th September 2021
Application window 3: 1st October 2021 – 30th November 2021

Our team can support compelling submissions aligned to themes including deliverability, value for money, sustainability, cost and resource management. If you would like support with producing the elements required for a TCaF 2021 submission for any of the three windows, please contact Place Group here.

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MAT and SAT Development

Since the initiation of the Academies Act 2010, Place Group has been at its forefront, working with Multi-Academy Trusts and Single Academy Trusts to provide expertise and capacity. In 2019 and 2020 we have been particularly helping Trusts to grow in size and membership aligned to their ambitions and strategies.

We support Trusts in all aspects of their growth and development, and our team have a full 360-degree perspective on what it takes to build a framework for success. We even established our own Multi-Academy Trust in 2012, which has since successfully opened seven free schools each with Good or Outstanding Ofsted judgments, and an eighth joined the Trust 2020.

We have been conducting reviews of trusts’ performance since 2013, when we were engaged by an academy trust seeking external validation and advice to drive quicker improvements at a school and Trust level. As with all our services, each is designed with the exact requirements of the Trust at the forefront, including;

  • Identifying potential candidate/partner schools/trusts
  • Brokerage support for negotiating with potential partners
  • Strategy/Trust Improvement Plan Review
  • Financial/Operations Review
  • Audit of the Monitoring Cycle
  • Governance Review
  • Safeguarding/CP and Policy Review
  • Resource and Efficiency Planning
  • Strategies for Growth

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