Support with your TCaF application

Support with your TCaF application

At this challenging time, Place Group recognises that a number of Multi-academy trusts may require additional support with the ongoing development of their strategic planning.

We are here to help to any extent which Trusts may find beneficial. We have been considering the extent to which Trusts may welcome support with the development of a TCaF application.

Our team of experts continue to work on a day-to-day basis with Trusts, including: (a) from a strategic perspective and (b) supporting and enabling MAT growth plans. Our experts in MAT development also have significant experience of working with schools that are located in rural locations.

Our team can support the submission of an application for any one of the five 2020-2021 TCaF Strands, i.e.:

  • Strand A1: supporting strong MATs to grow and innovate in areas of long-standing need
  • Strand A2: encouraging strong MATs to grow by converting and improving weaker maintained schools or adding vulnerable academies to their trust and improving them
  • Strand B: accelerating the development of mid-sized MATs with the potential to be strong
  • Strand C: creating new strong MATs, either by single academy trusts joining larger trusts or by supporting the growth of existing trusts via mergers or priority projects, identified by regional schools commissioners (RSCs)
  • Strand D: supporting outstanding or good local authority maintained rural schools to collaborate and create new, strong Multi-Academy Trusts

Our team will support, write or advise on compelling TCaF submissions, aligned to themes including: Deliverability; Value for money; Sustainability; Cost; Resource Management.

If you want to find out more about how we can help your Trust with a TCaF submission over the coming weeks please contact: