Hi, I am Richard Bennett.

Hi, I am Richard Bennett.

Hi, I am Richard Bennett.

Many of you know me from supporting customers with Schools’ Buying Club and Place Group projects. For those of you that don’t, I’m Richard, a procurement consultant specialising in education and housing.

In April this year, I will be competing in my first World Transplant Games in Australia.

Along with raising awareness about the importance and power of organ donation, I am looking to boost the funds for the selfless volunteers who are supporting the team at the World Transplant Games.

What are the games?
The biannual World Transplant Games gives athletes that have undergone organ transplants the opportunity to compete in various sports against fellow transplant recipients. The aim of the games is to spread the word of organ donation and its incredibly positive impact on competitors and their families. It helps to demonstrate the serious benefits of exercise and community for those who have been through serious illness and are lucky enough to continue living life to the full after receiving the gift of life.

Why am I competing?
I was born with Alport Syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes hearing loss and kidney failure. My kidney failure happened gradually throughout childhood, and I had my first transplant that was donated by my father, when I was 21. A few years later, that kidney failed after a series of complications and illnesses, and I ended up on dialysis. My mother went through tests and was found to be an excellent match. She donated her kidney to me in November 2004. I am very lucky and often remind myself how lucky I am to have had three chances to live!

What am I competing in?
My selection came following a long history of taking part in the annual British Transplant Games, but deciding, in 2020, that I really needed to train hard to stand a chance of winning gold medals and qualifying to represent my country in a world games. So that’s what I decided to commit to.
Last summer, I was selected to compete for GB&NI in the European Transplant Games in Oxford, where I won 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal competing against athletes from 27 countries across Europe. This is how I qualified for a spot in the GB&NI Team to go to Australia.
I became a member of a brilliant athletics training group, and I currently train with Rodger and his group 3 times per week and by myself the other 3, with a day to rest in between! The training is intense, but the spirit amongst Rodger’s athletes is strong and we are great at pushing each other to reach our individuals goals.

So, how can you help?
As well as us competitors, there are a team of volunteers who will be in Australia supporting us; from team Managers, Coaches, medical staff to physios. All of whom are taking their time off to support us.
As a result, I am seeking opportunities to gain individual/corporate sponsorship to help fund volunteers on the trip to World Transplant Games in Australia.
I have seen these volunteers first hand at the British and European Games and have also made extensive use of the great physios myself. The volunteers work tirelessly throughout and do a selfless job helping others, and I believe they deserve to be able to do their amazing jobs without having to fund themselves.

Please click the link to donate > https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lifegoeson76

Thank you for your time and support.