Trusted PFI support to protect your infrastructure

Trusted PFI support to protect your infrastructure

Place Group and Reappraise have joined forces to provide comprehensive consultancy and procurement solutions tailored to schools and hospitals facing the impending expiration of their PFI (Private Finance Initiative) contracts. This strategic partnership capitalises on the unique strengths of both companies. We offer institutions a seamless transition into a more cost-effective and efficient operational model.

PFI-Driven Optimization: Enhance Operations, Reduce Costs, and Elevate Service Delivery

Place Group’s division and DfE-approved framework, Everything FM, specialises in facility management and procurement services. Our comprehensive knowledge of the education and healthcare sectors enables us to offer tailored solutions that address the specific needs of schools and hospitals. Everything FM’s extensive network of suppliers and vendors ensures that institutions can access quality hard and soft FM services and resources at competitive rates.

Reappraise, known for known for its expertise in contract structures, asset and life cycle management, brings a wealth of experience in evaluating and renegotiating PFI contracts. Their team of experts excels in identifying cost-saving opportunities, ensuring institutions identify value for money solutions. Moreover, Reappraise’s proficiency in contract compliance and performance evaluation ensures any transition is both smooth and beneficial.

By combining Reappraise’s estates acumen with Place Group’s procurement expertise, this partnership empowers schools and hospitals with a holistic approach to contract renewal. It provides these institutions with the tools and insights necessary to optimise their operations, reduce costs, and improve the quality service delivery, ultimately benefiting both the organisations and the communities they serve.

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