Place Group does Plastic Free July

Place Group does Plastic Free July

After conducting an internal audit in the 2022 reporting period, using a tool provided by SSE Energy Solutions, we found that the amount of greenhouse gas we were producing yearly was 5.7 tCO2e, with our main emissions being Scope 3 emissions.

We recently joined the United Nations Climate Change Now (UNCCN) initiative, and in hopes of further reducing our greenhouse gasses emissions, we are participating in Plastic Free July.

Here are the practical ways that we are reducing our carbon footprint:

Reducing our single-use plastics:

  • Bringing in a reusable cup/mug for our drinks.
  • Putting single-use coffee cups into the recycling bin.
  • Opting for glass/metal/paper straws instead of plastic.
  • Bringing our own reusable bag to work instead of a plastic carrier bag.
  • Bringing our own containers and cutlery for lunch.

Home Edition (EASY):

  • Searching the web for a ‘plastic-free shop near me’.
  • Reducing the number of convenience foods in plastic trays, especially frozen/ready meals.
  • Opting for a reusable fabric mesh bag instead of single-use plastic bags in the produce section.

Home Edition (TRICKIER):

  • Using bee’s wax cloth/stretch-to-fit reusable food covers instead of cling film.
  • Switching from bottled shampoo to shampoo bar soap. And liquid hand soap to bars of soap.
  • Instead of buying milk cartons in the shops, signing up to be delivered milk bottles.
  • Composting food waste to avoid plastic rubbish bags.
  • Walking and cycling instead of taking the car.

Our next steps are to explore more third-party verifications to cement our position as one of the Net Zero leaders in the procurement industry, including ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) as well as becoming a B-Corp.

So, join us in our efforts to tackle climate change and participate in Plastic Free July.