How we helped the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust exceed its growth targets

How we helped the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust exceed its growth targets

We have collaborated with the Diocese of Chichester Academy since 2022 and in partnership have grown the Trust from 17 to 25 high quality schools with more growth planned.

We are lucky to hold a long-term relationship with the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust. Our partnership began when the Trust (DCAT) contacted us, requesting a proposal to provide project management support for a number of potential conversions.

They had one academy conversion underway, with a number of schools waiting in the pipeline to join. The first academy conversion had proven to be more difficult than the Trust had anticipated, creating a significant workload at both Trust and school level.

Our team’s first step was to identify where capacity was needed and where immediate value could be added. A comprehensive project plan was established and the school was converted successfully within the target date.

After this initial piece of work, the Trust asked us to continue to provide project management support for academy conversions and various other services to support their ambitious growth strategy, including:

A bespoke academy conversion process

We have completed 8 successful academy conversions for the Trust, with 6 further projects currently in early stages.

Successful TCaF bids and additional funding advice

Two successful trust capacity fund (TCaF) applications, resulting in an influx of funding and boosted capacity for the central team.

Comprehensive business case and growth plans

We have collaborated with the Trust to develop a business case and growth plan for its next phase of development, forward planning to 2030.

New estate-wide catering contract

Amalgamation of many different contracts and providers resulting in high quality food provision and consistency across all schools.

New HR and Payroll software contract

Which enhances productivity and will support the growth of the Trust.

Enhanced administrative support

Boosted administrative capacity allows the Trust to prioritise delivering exceptional education to its students.

We pride ourselves on working closely with Multi-Academy Trusts to help them achieve their strategic objectives, so we were thrilled to receive the following feedback:

“Place Group has been instrumental in fuelling our growth journey, offering invaluable support every step of the way. With the recent addition of our 25th school, they have been a crucial partner, revolutionising our operations and propelling us far beyond our future growth objectives.”

Stephen Barrett | Chief Operating Officer
Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust

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