Place Group has assisted the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust throughout a rapid period of growth, and in partnership have grown the Trust from 17 to 25 high quality schools with more growth planned.

So far, we have:

  • Collaborated with the Trust to create a strategic business and operational plan to support their growth ambitions.
  • Overseen 8 academy conversions.
  • Applied for, and been successful in receiving funding on the Trust’s behalf.
  • Procured and overseen the implementation of a new Trust-wide catering contract and HR and Payroll solution.

“Place Group has been instrumental in fuelling our growth journey, offering invaluable support every step of the way. With the recent addition of our 25th school, they have been a crucial partner, revolutionising our operations and propelling us far beyond our future growth objectives.”

Stephen Barrett | Chief Operating Officer
Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust