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We are currently working with a number of Trusts on TCaF 2022 applications, building on the numerous successful funding applications we supported in 2020 and 2021

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Welcome to Place Group

Since 2002, Place Group has been at the forefront of delivering Central and Local Government, Trust and School initiatives and innovations to create education excellence.

Place Group was founded to make a positive and lasting impact on the education system and create real life chances for young people. Our approach has always been to identify best practice from within, and outside of the sector, and help deliver innovation across the business of education.

We are 100% focused on education; committed to helping clients develop their visions, strategies, infrastructures and environments to create the best outcomes for young people and ultimately their communities. We are passionate about education, social mobility and family projects.

Place Group by numbers:

Multi-Academy Trust efficiency and growth projects:
Local Authority strategies to raise educational standards:
New and converted school business cases realised:
Free schools successfully opened, creating 50,000 new places:
Millions saved through procurement efficiency programmes:
Schools delivering exceptional education through our own Trust:

Why use Place Group?

Specialist Consultants and Researchers

Our team has expertise in the field of education and the establishment of new schools.

Committed to Building Relationships

We are committed to quality, service and value, ensuring our clients achieve their visions for their communities.

Qualifications and Accreditations

We are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified for quality management and information security management. We are also Cyber Essentials accredited.

Bellevue Place Education Trust

Our own Trust has successfully opened seven new primary schools to support communities with excellent education across the London area.

Message from Simon Rule, CEO of Place Group

Place Group was founded to make a positive and lasting impact on the education system and create real life chances for young people. Our approach has always been to identify best practice from within and outside of the sector, as well as help to deliver innovation across the business of education.

That’s why we are here for schools, MATs and central and local government to devise and implement education policies and programmes including research, capital and standards to establish and develop exceptional Trusts and schools.

Commissioning Place Group

Place Group is happy to provide costed proposals to a brief and respond to formal tenders, as well as discuss your requirements and provide our recommendations with no obligation. We can also be contracted through the Crown Commercial Service Management Consultancy Framework;

Lot 1: Business Consultancy Services

Lot 2: Procurement, Supply Chain and Commercial Consultancy Services

Clients can run mini bids or directly award contracts using the framework:

Place Group by its clients:

“On behalf of the Trust, I’d like to say a big thank you to Place Group for providing us with a first-class project management service. The pre-opening phase is very challenging, but your input made all the difference. We appreciated your flexibility and willingness to support us whenever required.”
Dr. Cheron Byfield BA. MSc. MBA. DPhil.
Trust Member Executive Board and Governor

Place Group by its clients:

“Place Group were very good at building and maintaining a relationship with the DfE which was crucial to the success of the project. We would definitely use Place Group again.”
Paul Rickeard, Diocesan Director of Education
Durham and Newcastle

Place Group by its clients:

“Place Group kept us up to date all the time and continually held DfE to account for key milestones. The Project Manager ensured we complied with all requirements and also ensured we were always kept up to date with progress. The Place Group team always seem to come up with someone who could help with a specific issue. As well as the expertise, it was about resource, ensuring timetables were kept to, deadlines met. This was key in bringing everything together.”
Simon Eakins, Finance Director
Merchants’ Academy Trust

Place Group by its clients:

“The team were very good and provided some excellent input. Place Group developed an excellent relationship with the DfE which helped a great deal. The Project Manager was clearly an integral part of the Seva team and we worked well together. He brought in the right people at the right times. Place provided a good quality service – it did not feel that Place Group were working with other schools – it felt like a personalised service.”
Tarsem Singh,
Sevak Education Trust

Place Group by its clients:

“The Project Manager guided the project with skill and determination. The approach was highly professional with a human face, this was much appreciated. The Project Manager was an excellent lead, he created trusted relationships with The DfE and EFA which was invaluable.”
Jo Appleyard, Executive Principal
The Dunham Trust

Place Group by its clients:

“Place Group has challenged and supported us, ignited new ideas, driven strategy across the city whilst having an incredible energy and passion for our schools and young people.”
Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive
Manchester City Council

Place Group by its clients:

“Place Group supported us through our deliberations – providing invaluable, up-to-the minute insights from their support to other converter schools and academies…we were delighted to appoint Place Group as our advisers, confident they will guide us carefully through the process as part of our team.”
Arthur Terry School, Birmingham

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