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Where schools are working in partnership or collaboration, we can help you to secure greater economies by assessing your overall spending power as a group, as well as looking at creative ways of raising investment, to improve building stock and ICT infrastructure.

So, how do you become even more efficient than you currently are, whilst also achieving even better outcomes? Place Group offers support from expert advisers who are focused on identifying savings and developing strategies for implementation, and we achieve this via our Efficiency Review service.

Typically clients come to us for advice and support on the following:

  • Identifying potential areas for efficiency and collaboration, which lead not only to savings but also equally importantly to improved services and even surplus revenue generation
  • Highlighting areas of expertise and potential income generation
  • Recommending delivery models which are appropriate to their collaboration or partnership – for example school companies, mutuals, cooperatives and trusts
  • Advising on appropriate investment vehicles
  • Help in project planning, and forecasting what the partnership or collaboration might look like in five years time
  • Advising on how to build consensus and win the hearts and minds of all involved

How we work
If you are in a partnership or collaborative arrangement, the first thing we do is to undertake a diagnostic within every school. This provides us with enough information to see where there is potential duplication of effort or duplication of contracts, and hence identify key areas to achieve greatest efficiency and savings.

We then prepare a report and a presentation for the partnership board, which explains how to optimise and maximise the power of the partnership or collaboration of schools. In some instances, we also prepare a five year plan and a ‘journey of transformation’ that takes the partnership from its current state to becoming a lean entity that focuses solely on the delivery of Teaching and Learning.

As a group of schools you might be doing this already and may be considering managing functions and services on behalf of other schools. Have you considered all of the options available to you for your new ‘super organisation’?

The value we add
Every client engagement is different. Some schools have the capacity to implement solutions under their own steam, some don’t. Our approach is to define what it is that you need, and then to provide the appropriate support services. And we always try to make this cost neutral – so once we have identified where savings can be made, we offset our time against those savings.

These are uncertain times but one thing is an absolute, there will be less money in your collaboration. So start making it work harder for you!

If you would like to chat to us, regardless of where you currently are on your journey to partnership, please email
We’ll do our best to help.