Pre-Opening – Academies



In the run-up to opening your new Academy, you will need to carry out a range of administrative activities including setting up financial systems and contractual arrangements, and ensuring that DBS checks are carried out as required.

You will also need to complete all necessary Academy registrations, for example with examining bodies. During this process we can offer a range of support, including:

  • Helping you to identify and register with all of the necessary bodies
  • Checking that your school policies are current and take the latest legislation into account
  • Providing advice on safeguarding and helping you to make sure your DBS policies and practices are fully compliant
  • Helping you develop new signage and marketing tools using your new Academy branding

Our core role at this stage is to ensure that you have the necessary mechanisms and processes in place to support and sustain the changes that have been made in the run-up to Academy Conversion. And as part of our service, Place Group’s specialist advisers will continue to provide support and advice during your first year as an Academy.

To find out more, or for general advice about opening an Academy, please email: