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Pre and Post Opening Support

From submission of a successful initial proposal onwards, there are a number of key aspects which need to be considered. The most essential ones of course being that you have some teachers, and then that you have some pupils for them to teach!

Pre Opening Support

Recruitment Support
Having worked with you through the initial stages of getting the school approved, we will be ideally placed to fully understand the calibre and personality of the people you will need to run it, and to teach in it. The recruitment process involves firstly creating the correct organisational structure for your school, and then finding the right people to fill the roles identified – from headteachers and the senior leadership team, through to subject specialist teachers and support staff.

Our aim is to assist you in the search and selection progress, using our experience of staffing the first Free Schools and other work in Academies, to ensure that the people we shortlist for you share your vision and ethos. Our track record in successful appointments to senior leadership teams and other key positions means that you can leave the attraction and initial selection of candidates to us, allowing you to concentrate on the final stages of choosing the best people to deliver your vision.

Ongoing Marketing Support
Through the community engagement which will have been carried out as part of the proposal development, the need for a new school within your community will be well defined – and parents should be aware of the new facility which is being developed. However, it’s still important that ongoing marketing activity is carried out, not only to make everyone aware of the new school – but also to create the right impression of the school and its vision.

The marketing support process includes long term relationship development within your local area, building strong relationships with potential parents and students, as well as with key community stakeholders. We can assist you in achieving this through the development of a wide range of marketing and publicity tools – from websites, brochures and even a logo design, through to advertising, PR, open days and other publicity activities.

ICT Support
We can support you in creating an ‘ICT Vision’ for your new Free School, which will be designed to facilitate and enhance Teaching and Learning, whilst also supporting the administration and management aspects. This can include:

  • Working with Partnerships for Schools to procure the correct technology from the most appropriate supplier, on the most favourable terms
  • Supporting the implementation of selected technology, to ensure that everything is in place and fully tested before the school opens its doors to students
  • Full training for staff and pupils, working with the technology supplier as appropriate, to ensure that the chosen ICT solution is functioning at optimum levels and providing all of the benefits which were originally visualised.

Post-Opening Support

There will be a very high level of focus around getting the school open on day one, but we never forget the importance of what happens the day after. Our areas of expertise extend well beyond the opening of new schools and cover all aspects of their day to day running.

With the requirement from the DfE that any new school must provide evidence of how it will create a ‘success culture’, it is important to lay the foundations for this pre-opening and to have a clear delivery plan. Our support in this area focuses on brokering or providing many supporting services, such as:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Recruitment
  • School Business Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Governance
  • Catering
  • Facilities Management
  • ICT Support
  • Marketing and Communications
  • First Ofsted Inspection preparation

This is just a selection to give you an idea of the ways in which Place Group can support your school both before and after it is open. Please email for more details.