How We Work with Candidates


How We Work with Candidates

This is an extremely exciting time to become an interim leader or manager, and especially through Place Group. We are currently at the forefront of education change, working with a diverse client based including forward-thinking Local Authorities, new Academies and some of the first Free Schools, amongst others.

Working as an interim leader in the education sector is extremely satisfying and enables you to use your vast knowledge and experience to make a difference to children, young people, their families and the wider community. And as an interim who works in many different establishments, you have the opportunity to help a far wider group of people that you would if you were employed permanently by one school. In addition, with each new position you undertake, you will add to your own skill set – making you even more marketable the next time!

At Place Group we understand the value of our interim specialists and we will do everything we can to support you, including providing you with a ‘mentor’ from our consultancy team who will act as your main point of contact while on a project. This person will not only act as a peer to talk to, but also as an experienced colleague to help you deal with any unfamiliar situations which you might come across. So whether you’re looking for a role as a Finance Director, Headteacher, education consultant, school improvement specialist, project manager or school business manager – we could have just the opportunities you’re looking for..


  • Develop new skills and experience with each new role
  • Choose assignments that suit your existing knowledge
  • Make best use of the skills and experience you have gained already
  • Gain higher levels of job satisfaction
  • Take time out between assignments if you choose

If you are looking for an interim manager and would like to talk more about how we can help, please call Tom Legge on 07811 711597 or email