How We Work – Academies

We work as an integrated team, with your school and legal advisers and the school leadership team, providing overall project management and delivery of specific work streams.

Having agreed a Scope of Work, we will develop a specific project plan to meet the needs, resources and timescales of your school and to ensure alignment with other stakeholders. From this we will agree fees depending on the scope, and offer a capped fee based on a set number of days at chargeable rate, to avoid unpleasant surprises at a later date! A typical Scope of Work covers:

1. Overall project management including planning, monitoring and risk management:

  • Corporate and governance
  • Buildings and land
  • Commercial
  • HR and TUPE
  • Funding
  • Financial and operational transition
  • Consultation and communications

2. Managing the overlaps between key work streams:

  • Funding Agreement Annexes: Legal documents and Academy policies
  • Commercial Transfer Agreement: TUPE, contracts, assets, loans and balances
  • Financial Management: Governance, financial systems, company reporting and audit
  • HR & TUPE: Employer liabilities, due diligence, payroll and Academy T&Cs
  • Consultation and Communications: Academy Bill, TUPE and stakeholder engagement

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